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In the UAE and Dubai, the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) manages the UAE nationals pensions and the end-of-service benefits contributions, for those working in government or private sector companies. PRO Partner Group can advise companies on GPSSA services and their requirements with regards to UAE nationals, payroll, end-of-service gratuity and Emiratisation.

What is the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA)?

The General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) is a government entity used to manage contributions, pensions and end-of-service benefits for UAE nationals working in or retired from the government and private sector in the Emirate of Dubai. A similar pension scheme exists in Dubai's neighboring city Abu Dhabi called the Abu Dhabi Pension Fund (ADPF) in which all Abu Dhabi based establishments will have to fulfill the same requirements for their local Emirati employees.

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The UAE Emiratisation Requirements

Effective from January 2023, companies will need to meet their Emiratisation quotas. Emiratisation is a UAE government initiative mandating the employment of Emiratis in both the private and public business sectors, to increase their contribution to the national economy. The UAE's goal is to have 10% Emirati private sector employment by 2026, raising Emiratisation for skilled private sector jobs annually by 2%. In June 2023, the UAE government announced the requirement forEmiratisation quotas now apply to companies with 20 or more employees, where previously it was only required of establishments with 50 or more staff.

Does my company need to register with GPSSA?

Employers who have any Emirati employees will be required to register the company and its UAE Nationals with the GPSSA system. In line with the Emiratisation quota criteria, if your business has 20 or more staff, you will be required to hire Emirati employees and therefore will also need to register your UAE National employees in the system.

The fund requires the employer to register and contribute on behalf of the employee within 30 days of the employee receiving their Labour Card. Pension contributions are made monthly and equate to 26% of the employees total salary. The employer is required to contribute 15% of the employee's salary and the employee must contribute 11% of his/her salary into the fund. The full 26% is debited from the company bank account and then it must be agreed between employer and employee on how the employee returns their 11% contribution to the employer.

What is the process and documents required to register with GPSSA?

The process to register your Emirati/ UAE National employees requires your company to follow the below steps and documentation requirements: 

  • Register employer details - including employer name in English and Arabic and key contact information
  • Provide details of the company License details - type, licensing authority, issue date etc.
  • Provide details of the company owner including Emirates ID number and personal contact information
  • Provide banking information including IBAN number
  • Add details of Authorised person
  • Official letter from the entity to the fund requesting for registration with General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA)
  • Decree or law stipulating the incorporation of the establishment
  • Human resources regulation applied at the entity

Once the documents have been received, we will proceed to create a username for the company so we can proceed with the next step of the entity registration and then we can obtain the Direct Debit Form.

Also, the details (Mobile Number, EID, email address) for the personnel of the company: General Manager, HR Manager, Finance Manager

How can PRO Partner Group help?

PRO Partner Group have close ties with key Dubai government departments and therefore can make the GPSSA process more seamless for our clients.

Registering your company and employees with GPSSA can be a complicated, time-consuming process with a lot of administration and document requirements. PRO Partner Group can assist with all steps in the registration of company and employees on the GPSSA portal and continued portal maintenance assistance. GPSSA registration and all Emirati and GCC National employee management requirements fall under our HR services in the UAE. Our HR team would be delighted to schedule a free consultation with you to help you understand your Emiratisation and GPSSA pension requirements. 

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