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Company Set Up 

There are several methods by which a foreign investor can set up their business in the Middle East. There are subtle differences to local rules and regulations surrounding each entity.

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Visas & Licensing

We provide expedient, reliable and cost-effective services for large corporations and SMEs, making us one of the choice PRO companies in the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia. Through years of local industry experience, we have built enduring relationships with key government bodies, allowing us to offer our clients a seamless and efficient process for all their company and visa requirements.

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Local Partner Services

PRO Partner Group have vast experience in offering the Local Partner service as a 'Corporate Nominee Partner or entity' rather than an individual UAE national. We add a layer of security to the client by limiting the number of clients under the company name.

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Bank Account Opening

A corporate bank account is important to ensure that businesses can receive and make payments, comply with tax regulations, and manage their financial transactions in a transparent and secure manner. PRO Partner Group can assist with opening the following bank account in the UAE:

  1. Open Resident Bank Account - Post incorporation, a UAE Resident can apply to open a personal or corporate bank account
  2. Open Offshore Bank Account - Opening an offshore bank account in the UAE
  3. Open Non-Resident Bank Account - Opening a business bank account for non-residents in the UAE

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Residency and Citizenship Programmes

Obtaining secondary residency or citizenship has become a widely favoured option globally, offering individuals and their families a diverse range of advantages related to lifestyle, business, investments, and taxes. Read More

Feasibility Study

PRO Partner Groups feasibility study services can help to determine if a business or project is feasible in the GCC region. We conduct feasibility studies in Dubai, Abi Dhabi, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia markets. Our feasibility study services provide a detailed analysis which considers all aspects of the proposed project/ business to best equip you for success.

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Compliance Services

For companies operating in the Middle East, corporate compliance is necessary as an integral part of business operation, across all industries and sectors. This takes place in the form of companies and its employees adhering to policies, practices, laws, regulation and standards that are applicable to the industry and sector in which they operate.

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HR Services

Handling employees’ HR documentation can be a laborious activity that takes up valuable time and resources. PRO Partner Group can take this administrative burden away, by providing you with a variety of HR admin support services including:​

  • Maintenance of HR files for employees​
  • HR template letters and No Objection Certificates (NOC's)​
  • Leave Management​
  • Employee Handbooks​
  • Employment Offer Letters ​

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Corporate Advisory & Support Services

Acting as your corporate partner, PRO Partner Group has a successful track record of providing foreign companies with a secure, transparent and long-term local partnership, assisting companies and individual investors in setting up and conducting their businesses in the correct way here in the region.

PRO Partner Group helps clients of all sizes and sector groups. We sit in the background and ensure your company complies with company and commercial laws as well as all labour laws in the region.

Corporate Governance

PRO Partner Group provides advisory services to ensure local companies are fully informed and compliant with UAE laws and guidelines. We can act as a Power of Attorney or as the local General Manager for foreign companies that wish to ensure the local entity is run smoothly and in the interests of stakeholders.

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Legal Document Attestation Services

The UAE offers international businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators a gateway to the emerging Middle East markets. For those seeking to set up a company or branch office, perform business or obtain a visa in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE, the government requires attestation of documentation. This mandatory requirement ensures the authenticity of personal documents, certificates and commercial documentation required for company set-up, residence visa, employment, and more.

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Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)

PRO Partner Group also provide advisory services on the formation of various onshore, offshore and free zone companies. Specific advice can be provided to tailor to individual requirements and objectives.

We are also experienced in creating and managing Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV), Special Purpose Companies (SPC) or Special Purpose Entities (SPE) on behalf of individuals, investment houses and private companies. These entities can be bespoke, and ring fenced to fulfil specific client objectives. PRO Partner group can act as the local partner, the local administrative authorised signatory or just provide advice on company formation and management.

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Commercial Agency

PRO Partner Group offers a flexible commercial agency solution to provide foreign companies with an on-the-ground local partner to facilitate the sale and distribution of products within the UAE. All products have to be registered in the country in order to be sold. PRO Partner Group provide local representation and will register the products and provide local administrative support.

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Engineering Classification

The Abu Dhabi Government introduced the Contractors and Consultants Classification process for contracting companies and engineering consultancy firms to help regulate the industry, to ensure national and foreign companies are capable of undertaking the work they are tendering for. The Classification Departments’ role is assessing all the contracting firms and the engineering consultancy offices registered across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi before granting them permission to participate in tenders within the emirate. This is carried out in accordance with well-defined and specific criteria as stated in the engineering consulting offices classification regulation No. (1) for the year 2009 and the contractors classification regulation No. (2) for the year 2009.These are: financial standing, quality of work, health and safety compliance, experience and number of specified staff.

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SPC Approval

Any firms looking to work in or deal directly with any companies related to the oil and gas sector in Abu Dhabi require Supreme Petroleum Council Approval (SPC Approval). The Supreme Petroleum Council was established under law No. (1) of the year 1988. The law clearly stipulates that the Council is the authority responsible for the petroleum industry in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Council formulates and oversees the implementation of Abu Dhabi’s petroleum policy and follows up its implementation across all areas of the petroleum industry to ensure that the set goals are accomplished.

Once a business receives SPC approval, the activity of “Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Field & Facilities Services” will be added to the company’s trade licence. This activity is mandatory for all companies dealing with oil companies operating in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, whether in areas of services consultation, catering or supply of services and issue of the CNIA (Critical National Infrastructure Authority) passes to access the oil field sites.

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CICPA Security Passes

CICPA (Critical Infrastructure & Coastal Protection Authority) security passes allow access to restricted ports and field sites. There are many restricted areas, which are not accessible without the correct/relevant CICPA pass. Each CICPA pass is unique and must be applied for individually. PRO Partner group can handle the application process for you and make your CICPA pass approvals as efficient as possible.

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How to get a UAE Tax Resident Certification

In recent decades, the United Arab Emirates has become the Middle East’s driving economic force. With an economy that exceeds $350 billion, businesses and individuals get the benefit of a centralised hub with easy access to the economies of Middle Eastern nations, Europe, and Asia. The UAE has recently made major strides in improving its visa and entry process to attract more companies and wealthy individuals who want to relocate or set up operations in the country.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping are two critical elements of the daily operations of any company. They not only ensure that accurate records of all business transactions are kept, but also play a key part in maximising a business’s productivity and profitability.

Systematic accounting and bookkeeping involves maintaining accurate records of a company’s day-to-day business transactions to ensure the smooth running of the company and its compliance with all tax and legal requirements

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UAE Trademark Registration

Registering your trademark identifies the rightful brand ownership and can protect and secure a company brand against copyright infringements.

PRO Partner Group can assist with UAE trademark registration, enabling companies to legally register their trademarks.

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